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Real Estate Then vs. Now

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The Ease of Selling Properties

In the past, selling real estate was a fast and easy process. The main ingredient that was needed at the time was the marketing that included newspaper ads and that was it. Today, marketing is much more organized and well thought out. The use of social media increases and the property is listed on as many social media platforms as possible. Agents create websites, apps, social channels, videos, listing services, and traditional print ads. All of these now help agents compete in a crowded marketplace for prospective and knowledgeable clients.

Location Specific Marketing

Real estate agents used to “own” areas. At the time, there was always an agent or an office that handled the majority of the market in a specific geographical location. However, with websites, social media and knowledgeable consumers, agents need to know about larger markets and have an understanding of how these markets work. To satisfy a larger market, real estate agents deploy geo-specific marketing campaigns that allow them to appear in specific regions of a market, pinpointing a custom-tailored message to potential buyers and sellers. These kinds of tactics help with getting their client the attention that is desired.

Importance of reviews

Not much has changed in marketing when it comes to the importance of word of mouth. The only difference is that now, instead of having your clients only recommend an agent or company to their close friends, they can post their very own reviews on google about the real estate agency or the agent. Many customers look at google reviews before committing to a real estate agent or company. Therefore, the effectiveness of “word of mouth” has increased tremendously over the past couple of years due to the digital boom.

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